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Mobile telephone and SBS

oktober 23, 2008

I advise all my clients to buy a Windows Mobile telephone. Together with SBS 2003 R2 this is an absolute killer solution. But which telephone?

My experiences:
HTC S310: nice, compact but look terrible after a year, high percentage of defects within 2 years
HTC S710/730: excellent but also a high percentage of defects within two years
HTC Diamond: excellent, defect rate not known
My opinion: because HTC have a high percentage of defects, their garantee is too often denied!!

HP iPaq 514/614/914:
All excellent mobile phones but all very HP special.
Please HP don’t develop special solutions, look at the user interface of any HTC!!
Real Windows users get disorientated by some part of the HP interface…

Question to other SBS specialists and users of Windows Mobile telephones:
What brand do you use and how happy are you with it?

Leen Kleijwegt